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  • Extending VM disk size

    Here is how to extend VM disk size with virsh which is using qcow2 format. In my case it’s DISK_PATH=/mnt/sdb/vm-disk-07.qcow2.

  • Celestia Light Node¬†Performance Analysis

    I became a proud Celestia Blockspace Race participant and want to share my investigation on my Light Node performance. I’ve got an Ubuntu 20.04 VPS which is running the only node, so it will be easy to assess the node performance. What we can see is that the light node consumes 1323Mb and while CPU […]

  • Defund orbit-alpha-1 statesync

    You are welcome to statesync from my node. States are taken every 100 blocks and 5 latest states are stored. That’s it, simple as a pie!

  • Creating MacVTap interfaces to be used with KVM virtual machines

    I’m using virsh manages, so let’s disable default networking You’re going to see default network enabled.To disable that run That will remove virbr0 created by libvirt.Now, we are going to create another libvirt network which then on new VM creation will be generating a macvtap and attach it to the VM. Let’s create yaml file […]

  • How to Register a Telegram Bot

    Navigate to your app and search for BotFarther In the menu choose the first option “create a new bot” Enter an arbitrary bot name and come up with a unique bot username. Right after that you’ve got a chat with your bot and API key Now, you can send messages with your bot with a […]

  • KVM Bridget Network to VM

    I’m using Ubuntu 20.04, so all the manipulations are going to be made with netplan. Also, I’m using singe ordered IPs, not subnets, so I can also order virtual MAC address for each of the IPs. Otherwise, you might want to look into routing options. This is my original netplan once after OS is installed […]

  • How to create a VM with KVM Hypervisor

    Install all the dependencies needed Reboot, that may work better. Download an image, for example Ubuntu 20.04 Create user data file so we can login after installation Create a disk for cloud-init to utilize nocloud Create disk from image If you run from root user and uncomment user = “root” and group = “root” and […]