Celestia Light Node Performance Analysis

I became a proud Celestia Blockspace Race participant and want to share my investigation on my Light Node performance.

I’ve got an Ubuntu 20.04 VPS which is running the only node, so it will be easy to assess the node performance.

What we can see is that the light node consumes 1323Mb and while CPU values are jumping, on average it’s less than 1% (I’ve got 4 virtual cores as you can tell).
So, CPU usage is not worth mentioning.

Let’s now dive onto bandwidth usage.
I’m going to use vnstat. I was running vnstat -l where l stands for “live” for 12 minutes (I assume it’s enough to make some general conclusions) and here is what I’ve got:

It consumes at most 10.23Mbit receiving data and 5.55Mbit sending data, which are less than 1.28MB and 0.7MB respectively.

And here are suggested requirements from Celestia docs:

I’m totally agreed with the CPU requirement, the load is pretty modest.
With memory as well, but would maybe suggest having at least 1GB of swap as well.
Regarding the bandwidth, my measurements shows much bigger consumption, even on average it’s twice more not talking about peak usage.

Also, want to note that my node is performing quite well, having 100% uptime at the moment of writing this blog.

To check memory and CPU usage simply run:


To perform bandwidth usage assessment run:

sudo apt install vnstat
vnstat -l

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.






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